Times of great change are also times of great potential: how can creative and artistic projects take up possibilities that are “in the air” and make them tangible as transformational energy?
A “Transient” is the term used to describe the period of time during which a system, initially set into strong vibration by an external impulse, arranges itself harmoniously again, as in the case of a string that is plucked or struck very powerfully and that settles down shortly after this impulse. The Latin “transire” or English “transient” designates something temporary, or also transforming. The basic idea of the TRANSIENT projects can be found in these terms: energizing impulses in the form of interdisciplinary artistic themes and projects form the starting and reference point for sustainable fields of communication and levels of relationships with places and communities distant from cultural centers. The artistic ideas are developed together with local partners such as regional music clubs, school classes, music and art schools, regional artists, etc. and, after a research phase, translated into innovative performance formats.

Projects 2021–2023

After an initial research phase in the northern Eifel in 2020, the first TRANSIENT Impulse Festival 2021 on the theme of “Beginning” took place in the three Eifel towns of Bad Münstereifel, Nettersheim and Kronenburg. In the 2022 laboratory and research phase that followed the flood disaster, students from art and music colleges in NRW and elsewhere came together for the first time as part of the TRANSIENT Academy. The ideas developed there by the young artists also flowed into the second TRANSIENT Impulse Festival 2023 around the topic of Liveliness, which also took place in three Eifel towns.

The Kunststiftung NRW has been a partner and sponsor of the TRANSIENT projects from the very beginning.