Neus Estarellas Calderòn


The pianist, who grew up on Mallorca, is passionately dedicated to avant-garde and contemporary music, and above all to cross-border areas where interdisciplinarity and multimedia art are a matter of course. She also shows great interest in rare instruments such as the theremin or the toy piano and their repertoire, as well as in performance and music theater.

Olivia Stahn


Olivia Stahn studied with Marie-Louise Ages and Julie Kaufmann in Lübeck and Berlin and graduated from Irwin Gage’s Lied class with distinction. She made her stage debut at the Konzerthaus Berlin with the title role in Hartmann’s “Simplicius Simplicissimus”. This was followed by engagements at the Hanover State Opera, the Stuttgart State Theatre, the Dresden Music Festival, the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Leipzig Bach Festival, the Schwetzingen Festival, the Festspielhaus Hellerau, the Telemann Festival Magdeburg and the ZKM Karlsruhe.

Jeremias Schwarzer

Artistic direction

Jeremias Schwarzer is the artistic director of TRANSIENT and, in addition to his activities as a recorder soloist and university lecturer, works primarily on interdisciplinary projects that can make creativity tangible as a future-forming force in the current time of change.

Vanessa Porter


Vanessa Porter is one of the most versatile percussionists internationally and is requested for a wide variety of projects, concert formats and programs. As a soloist, she combines contemporary works with improvisation, electronics and the performing arts and works with renowned composers such as Georges Aperghis, Alva Noto, Elnaz Seyedi and Jennifer Walshe.

Chiharu Shiota

Bildende Kunst

Shiota’s works are often inspired by personal experiences or feelings, but are expanded into universal human issues of life and death or relationships. She tries to grasp concepts such as memory and existence by collecting ordinary objects such as shoes, keys, beds, chairs and clothes and linking them into thread structures.

Vera Seedorf

Artistic production management, head of school projects, percussion

As artistic production manager, Vera Seedorf oversees the interface between artistic and organizational planning and is significantly involved in the development of the workshops and school projects in the Eifel. In the workshops, she also supports the participants from the perspective of a professional percussionist in working sonically with situations and materials found on site in nature.

Vincent Stange

Composition/Installation / Junior Fellow 2021

Vincent Stange is a transmedia composer. In his work, he pursues an expanded concept of composition that includes curatorial practice in particular. He orchestrates various artistic disciplines into experimental, open formats that go beyond a purely sonic experience.

Robert Eugler

Visual artist and gardener

As a visual artist and gardener, Robert Eugler is constantly working at the interface between art and nature. His artistic approach is integrative and communicative – he often works with situations and materials that are dictated by the location.

Ilka Seifert

Concert design

After studying musicology and German studies in Kiel, Strasbourg and Berlin, she worked for the Kreuzberger Klangwerkstatt New Music Festival. From 1993–1999 she was director and dramaturge of the Neuköllner Oper Berlin and from 1999–2006 dramaturge at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin, from 2011–2014 curator for the Sophiensaele Berlin.

Wiebke Pöpel

Film artist and director

Wiebke Pöpel, one of Germany’s best-known documentary film directors in the field of music, continues her artistic work of transforming sounds into images in the TRANSIENT laboratory project. Wiebke’s recordings, which were created in cooperation with the TRANSIENT artists, will become part of the installation at the TRANSIENT Impulse Festival 2023.

Folkert Uhde

Room concept / concert design

As a cultural manager and concert designer, Folkert Uhde has probably changed the presentation and appearance of classical music in the 21st century through his innovative spatial concepts like no other.

Alexandra Vildosola

Junior Fellow 2021

Bold, wild, existential – that’s how I make concerts as a singer and concert designer. I design theme- and location-specific concerts and have already had the pleasure of working with greats such as Folkert Uhde and Jeremias Schwarzer or festivals such as the ION and the intern. A-Cappella-Woche Hannover have worked with me.

Valerie Fritz

Junior Fellow 2021

Valerie Fritz, an Austrian musician, studies violoncello at the Mozarteum University Salzburg with Clemens Hagen and Giovanni Gnocchi. As a member of the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra, the European Union Youth Orchestra and the Vienna Jeunesse Orchestra, as well as a substitute in the Camerata Salzburg and the Liechtenstein Symphony Orchestra, Valerie has participated in several concert tours throughout Europe and worked with conductors such as Bernard Haitink, Manfred Honeck, Gianandrea Noseda, Matthias Pintscher and Péter Eötvös.

Maxine Troglauer

Junior Fellow 2023

Classical music, jazz, contemporary music – for Maxine Troglauer these are not genres that can be meticulously separated. They are organically interconnected resonance spaces that give the bass trombonist, who was born in Wiesbaden in 1995, the opportunity to engage in a self-confident dialogue with the past. Troglauer does not think in clichés, but recognises possibilities. Her declared aim is to free her instrument from its niche and help it to develop its own repertoire.
TRANSIENT network partners Eifel

Elke Strauch

Artist and educator

Elke Strauch has been based in Bad Münstereifel for many years as a graphic designer and artist and teaches at the local St. Michael Gymnasium. As part of her performance work with the students, she created the video “zusammenfließen” for the TRANSIENT Impulsfestival 2021.

Heidrun Grote

Actress and director

Heidrun Grote founded the Nettersheim Theatre School, where she develops programs for all age groups based on her many years of stage experience as an actress and director and became a creative point of contact and rest for children in the region, especially immediately after the flood disaster. As part of the TRANSIENT Impulse Festival 2021, she developed a music theater performance in public space together with soprano Olivia Stahn and local performers.

Frank Reinshagen

Jazz composer

As a saxophonist, composer and winner of the WDR Jazz Prize, Frank Reinshagen is a permanent fixture on the NRW jazz scene. He has lived in Kronenburg/Eifel for several years and is constantly developing projects with brass music clubs in the region that go beyond the usual repertoire, such as the performance on Kronenburg Castle Hill as part of the TRANSIENT Impulse Festival 2021.